Making a Difference: Preparing Leaders for Forestry’s Future

Scott Jones, a 1981 Duke Master of Forestry graduate, has been instrumental in helping the Nicholas School develop and launch a Natural Resource Finance Initiative to prepare graduates to lead this evolving sector. In addition to his expertise, the president of Forest Capital Partners has donated $250,000 to seed the new program.

“These days, natural resources across the globe demand more in terms of management from professionals with a broad range of skills – especially financial skills,” says Jones, a sector leader who joined the Nicholas School Board of Visitors in 2014. “Duke is well positioned to build on its forestry and environmental legacy to meet the global need for the next generation of natural resource finance experts. I felt the development of world-class program just needed a catalyst – so that’s where I came in.”

With Jones’s help, the initiative is off to a great start. Soon, we hope Duke will be known as the place for professional training in natural resource management and finance.

“When asked to serve on the Board of Visitors, I accepted because I wanted to learn more about the future direction of the Nicholas School and see if there was a way I could help, given my experience and contacts. I now have a better understanding of both the relevance and broad array of the school’s programs and its potential. I encourage you to think about what you may be able to uniquely contribute to a topic or program, as there may be an element that can benefit from your involvement.”


Scott Jones MF’81
Member, Nicholas School Board of Visitors
Instrumental in developing and launching the Natural Resource Finance Initiative