Hurricane Joaquin Update
Beaufort and Morehead City are under a coastal flood warning for Monday October 5th with high tide at 2 pm.  We expect commutes in the morning and evening should be ok, but if your commute at any time takes you through a low-lying area that is flooded or have other weather-related reasons that affect your coming to work, please contact your supervisor or instructor and let them know your situation. 

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Stirrings in the deep
Ian Markham
Sep 23, 2015
Diving in the Kelp forest mostly brings me a tranquility I find hard to come by elsewhere. Yet in my past three months working at the Hopkin's Marine Station of Stanford University first as the teaching assistant in a kelp forest Ecology course and then as a diving technician, I have observed strange stirrings and shifts in the kelp forest that give me anxiety.


The Marine Conservation Summer Institute (MCSI)
is a 5-week program that utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach
to engage students and professionals with global marine conservation topics.

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