Hurricane Preparedness Policy

The following is a list of items which should be done in the event of an imminent hurricane.

  • Check the gas supply and availability of extension cords for the Bookhout Research Lab generator.
  • Determine the number of students returning to Duke, and contact with the number and names of students to be housed in Central Campus Apartments. Parking and meals will be arranged for evacuated students. Students will arrive at Central Campus service office, 217 Anderson Drive to receive their housing assignments, keys, parking passes, and meal cards.
  • The RA on duty will have a key to access the storage space in the attic of Dorm 5 so students can acccess any stored luggage.
  • Remove small boats and floating research projects from the water and store them safely on shore.
  • Check all porches and yard areas for loose items.
  • Move all office equipment away from windows.
  • Turn off all computers, monitors, printers and UPS battery back ups. Unplug from ac power or, if plugged into a UPS, unplug UPS.
  • Lock outside doors to all buildings.
  • Gas all vehicles.
  • Board up all windows in the Library/Auditorium Building, Maintenance Complex, and the Switch Room.
  • The Marine Lab is not responsible for any personal items left on the island.
  • The final determination for evacuation will be made by the Director.