General Severe Weather Policy

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  • It is the policy of the University and the Marine Laboratory to remain open and continue operations during periods of bad weather. Many critical functions of the Marine Laboratory must be staffed regardless of weather conditions, except in the event of evacuation as outlined below.
  • It is recognized, however, that some individuals may find it difficult to travel to the Marine Laboratory because of weather conditions. Employees reporting for work during periods of hazardous weather will be given available work and paid for the hours worked.
  • Employees unable to report to work because of weather conditions should notify their supervisor. These employees will be given excused absences, but will be on a non-pay status, unless they elect to consider such time off as vacation.
  • Where weather conditions make travel or presence on Pivers Island unusually hazardous, a Severe Weather Day may be designated by the Director of the Marine Laboratory. Communication of a Severe Weather Day will be made by general public announcement on Channel 12 on television, the DUML Web site and a phone message at 252-504-7500.
  • Employees reporting for work on days determined to be Severe Weather Days will be given a one hour "grace period" in reporting to their shifts. Employees reporting more than one hour late on those days will be paid only for hours worked.
  • Employees in areas requiring continuous service are expected to come to work if at all possible. These areas include the Dining Hall when students are in residence at the Marine Laboratory, and the Maintenance Department. Employees working in these areas who are unable to come to work must call their supervisor according to established Marine Laboratory procedures. In exceptional situations, transportation may be provided for these employees depending on the circumstances.
  • In the event of the threat of hurricane, a decision may be made by the Director of the Marine Laboratory to evacuate the island. In such an instance, supervisors will be informed that all employees are to leave the island immediately. These employees will not be paid for time not worked unless they choose to have the time charged to vacation.