The students listed below are Marine Lab Ambassadors and are happy to answer questions from prospective students about their Marine Lab experience.

Andrew Alin

Andrew Alin

Trinity ‘16

Andrew Alin graduated from Duke in the Spring of 2016 as a Biology major. Andrew attended the Duke Marine Lab during both his sophomore summer semesters, and look forwards to returning in the future. Andrew enjoyed working on a research project studying mantis shrimp appendage modularity in the Patek Lab and hopes to continue research around Stomatopoda in the future.

Tristan Ballard

Trinity '15
Environmental Science & Statistics

2014 Tristan Ballard

Tristan studied climate change modeling and statistics at Duke. "The semester I spent at the Marine Lab was without a doubt my favorite. I conducted research in the field, studied sustainability in East Asia, and learned marine biology from some of the best professors in the field. I even got to go horseback riding on the beach!"

Tristan is now a PhD student in Earth System Sciences at Stanford researching climate change and extreme events!

Samantha Emmert


Trinity ‘15
Biology & Evolutionary Anthropology

Samantha was a senior at Duke who studied at the Marine Lab during fall and spring semesters of junior year. During her year at DUML, she traveled to Panama and the Bahamas, studied a virus in bottlenose dolphins, and volunteered to help respond to marine mammal strandings. Back at Duke, she is the President of the Marine Science and Conservation Leaders, a group that works to serve the interests of students interested in marine science and conservation.

Samantha is now the Project Coordinator for Global Fishing Watch at Oceana, the largest international ocean conservation advocacy organization, and is based in Washington, DC. Global Fishing Watch is a collaboration between Oceana, Skytruth, and Google to provide the first ever view of global commercial fishing activity for free. The project aims to provide all fisheries stakeholders (governments, non-profits, fishers, conservationists, the public, etc.) with access to monitor commercial fishing activity anywhere in the world.

Elizabeth Hoerauf


Trinity '15
Environmental Science, Marine Science and Conservation Leadership Certificate

Lizzie was a senior at Duke majoring in environmental science with a minor in biology and a Certificate in Marine Science & Conservation Leadership. Lizzie studied at the Marine Lab during her sophomore spring and summer taking a variety of classes in addition to completing an independent study with Dr. Cindy Van Dover. After studying at the Marine Lab, Lizzie studied abroad in Australia and South Africa. Lizzie hopes to do ecology research after graduation and her favorite animal is the giant squid.

Miles Muller

Trinity ‘15
Environmental Science and Policy

Miles Muller

Miles studied at the Marine Lab during the fall of his sophomore year and spring of his junior year. At the Marine Lab, Miles focused on environmental policy courses and completed an independent study on environmental law. Miles traveled to Singapore and Malaysia as part of the Urban Tropical Ecology course. Miles plans to take his experiences from the Marine Lab and apply them towards a future in environmental law.

Miles is now a second year student at Stanford Law School, focusing on environmental law and policy. He spent last summer working for the California Coastal Commission in the Enforcement Division, and plans to spend next summer as a law clerk for Earthjustice in San Francisco!