Vivienne Foroughirad

Vivienne Foroughirad

I am a behavioral ecologist with a focus on marine science and conservation. My dissertation focuses on the applications of social network analysis and genomics to understanding optimal social behavior in bottlenose dolphins. 


Strickland, K, Levengood, A, Foroughirad, V, Mann, J, Krzyszczyk, E, and Frère, CH. "A framework for the identification of long-term social avoidance in longitudinal datasets." Royal Society open science 4, no. 8 (August 2, 2017): 170641-.
Karniski, C, Patterson, EM, Krzyszczyk, E, Foroughirad, V, Stanton, MA, and Mann, J. "A comparison of survey and focal follow methods for estimating individual activity budgets of cetaceans." Marine Mammal Science 31, no. 3 (July 2015): 839-852.
Foroughirad, V, and Janet Mann, . "Long-term impacts of fish provisioning on the behavior and survival of wild bottlenose dolphins." Biological Conservation 160 (April 2013): 242-249.

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