Sarah Loftus

Sarah Loftus

I am a PhD candidate in the University Program in Ecology within the Nicholas School. My motivation for pursuing graduate research comes from a desire to develop practical solutions to environmental problems, and I am specifically interested in bioenergy produced from algae. I am researching how algae grow in recycled cultivation water and what factors affect the reusability of cultivation water. Reusing cultivation water will make algae cultivation cheaper (and therefore algal biofuels cheaper to produce), yet the water will contain algal exudates, bacteria, and other compounds that could affect algae growth. I also am involved in outreach programs, especially those that engage female students in STEM fields, and am a blogger for the Nicholas School. Please check out my personal webpage for more information about my research:  


Loftus, S. E., and Z. I. Johnson. “Cross-study analysis of factors affecting algae cultivation in recycled medium for biofuel production.” Algal Research 24 (June 1, 2017): 154–66.

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Graduation Date

May 2019