Stacy Zhang

Stacy Zhang

I am a marine community ecologist and PhD student at Duke University. I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2012. My research focuses on investigating the role of species interactions in controlling the growth, recovery and restoration of marine macrophytes and bivalves in both tropical and temperate systems.


Clark, JS, Nemergut, D, Seyednasrollah, B, Turner, PJ, and Zhang, S. "Generalized joint attribute modeling for biodiversity analysis: median-zero, multivariate, multifarious data." Ecological Monographs 87, no. 1 (February 2017): 34-56.

Zhang, SY, Speare, KE, Long, ZT, McKeever, KA, Gyoerkoe, M, Ramus, AP, Mohorn, Z, Akins, KL, Hambridge, SM, Graham, NAJ, Nash, KL, Selig, ER, and Bruno, JF. "Is coral richness related to community resistance to and recovery from disturbance?." PeerJ 2 (January 2014): e308-.

Gittman, RK, Fodrie, FJ, Baillie, CJ, Brodeur, MC, Currin, CA, Keller, DA, Kenworthy, MD, Morton, JP, Ridge, JT, and Zhang, YS. "Living on the Edge: Increasing Patch Size Enhances the Resilience and Community Development of a Restored Salt Marsh(Published online)." Estuaries and Coasts.

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