BIOLOGY 375A. Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles ( with travel to Puerto Rico & St. Croix in spring)

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1.0 course (3 semester hours)
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Introductory Biology

Essential biology of sea turtles (evolution, anatomy, physiology, behavior, life history, population dynamics) and their conservation needs; emphasis on their role in marine ecosystem structure and function. Basic ecological concepts integrated with related topics including the conservation and management of endangered species, the contributions of technology to the management of migratory marine species, the role of research in national and international law and policy, and the veterinary aspects of conservation.

This course includes a 10 day field excursion in Puerto Rico & St. Croix.  Additional travel costs apply- check the Undergraduate Tuition & Fees page for details)

**Note to students about Puerto Rico: If for some reason we are not able to visit Culebra, Puerto Rico, the course will spend the majority of the course in St. Croix**