ENVIRON 704LA Biological Oceanography (Bahamas/South Florida)

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4 units.
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Discusses patterns of abundance, diversity and activity of organisms in major ocean ecosystems. Identifies major physical, chemical and ecological processes that affect these patterns, and analyzes impact of biology on ecosystems. Uses a ‘flipped’ classroom for enhanced development of quantitative skills to measure these patterns, emphasizing hands-on data collection and analyses, multiple field trips aboard DUML research vessels, and participatory activities to demonstrate core concepts in biological oceanography. (Given at Beaufort.) Prerequisite: AP biology, introductory biology, or permission of instructor.  Graduate section includes an experimental design component.

**New in Spring 2020: Biological Oceanography will be taught aboard our new research vessel the R/V Shearwater in South Florida and the Bahamas during Block A in January. Details will be forthcoming soon!**