ENVIRON 773LA. Marine Ecology (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

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4 credit hours
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Introductory Biology

Factors that influence the distribution, abundance, and diversity of marine organisms. Course structure integrates lectures, field excursions, lab exercises and an independent project. Lecture topics include physical characteristics of marine systems, adaptation to environment, species interactions, biogeography, larval recruitment, and biodiversity and conservation of communities found in rocky shores, tidal flats, beaches, marshes, mangrove, coral reefs, and subtidal areas.Grad students submit literature review. 

Marine Ecology in the spring includes a travel component to Heron Island in Australia (2019)  for approximately 16 days (details tba, but students will need to arrive on Monday, March 16, 2019). Additional course fees apply.  We are in the process of establishing a course fee for the 2019 course - contact Katie.Wood@duke.edu with questions.  Please visit our travel page for details about the spring travel courses.