ENV 390A/790A: Venturing Seaward: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Ocean Benefit

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This course is open to undergraduatesas ENV 390A and for graduate students as ENV 790A.

Broad exposure to current thinking, mainstream practice, and creative approaches in innovation and entrepreneurship with emphasis on marine ventures and special consideration of social enterprises. Students will consider a transition away from historically damaging practices toward new, sustainable approaches. Students will analyze problems, critically assess innovation and entrepreneurship, and frame cogent arguments for analyses and conclusions. Students will apply science and engineering to the creation of robust, vibrant new enterprises whose products will foster effective stewardship and responsible utilization of the sea.  Beginning and ending with a call to action, the course will inform, equip, and inspire a new cadre of scientists, engineers, and policy-makers who will contribute to the creation and advancement of new for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations focused on stemming the tide of ocean degradation. 

Recommended prerequisties:  relevant university coursework in the natural or social sciences or engineering.

Instructor: Don Gerhart