Taking courses and conducting research at the Duke Marine Lab represents a great opportunity for Duke undergraduates, all it takes is a little advanced planning to make it possible. Duke Marine Lab courses can fulfill requirements for your major, minor or certificate program, and all Duke Marine Lab courses fulfill Trinity Requirements. Review the information below and discuss your plans with your academic advisor, then contact us to ask questions. We will look forward to seeing you in Beaufort. 

Pre-health? The Duke Marine Lab is an ideal setting for pre-health students to take courses and conduct customized research projects, and there are opportunities available to volunteer or shadow in the local health care community. Check out the pre-health resources available below and contact Katie Wood (, 252-504-7531) with specific questions.

Duke students in good academic standing are automatically accepted to Duke Marine Lab , just let us know that you want to join us for a summer or semester.

Duke Marine Lab Enrollment Office, 252-504-7502

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