Master's Projects - Oral Skills Coaching

(for International Graduate Students, Post-docs, Faculty and Visiting Scholars)

The EIS (English for International Students) Program would like to encourage international students, post-docs, faculty and visiting scholars to attend an English Oral Skills Coaching session.  The primary focus of the coaching session will be to rehearse academic presentations and to practice speaking skills with an experienced speaking coach.  Participants may obtain assistance with classroom and conference presentations, poster sessions, thesis defenses, policy issue and departmental presentations, interviews and oral reports. 

The 60-90 minute presentation coaching sessions are tailored to individual needs and focus on all aspects of oral presentations, including structure and organization of content, development of PowerPoint slides, language (including accurate, appropriate vocabulary and grammar), pronunciation and nonverbal delivery skills (such as gestures and strong eye contact).  Coaching sessions will include videotaping with oral and written feedback. 

For additional information, view the flyer here. To arrange an appointment, contact Rene Caputo at Appointment request should specify the type and date of the presentation, if applicable.