mem/jd or mf/jd degree requirements

The Nicholas School of the Environment applauds students wishing to pursue the professional MEM or MF degree concurrently with the JD.


For students in the concurrent MEM or MF/JD program:

  • The Nicholas School requires 36 units of credit, including a Master’s Project.
  • The School of Law requires 87 units of law credit, 12 units of which may be satisfied through courses taken in the Nicholas School. 

Typically, a student will complete the first year of study in the School of Law and the second in the Nicholas School. During the third and fourth years, the student will take a combination of courses in both schools. MEM/JD or MF/JD candidates must apply to and be accepted by both the Nicholas School of the Environment and the School of Law. Students electing to pursue the MEM or MF concurrently with the JD must complete requirements for both degrees before either degree will be awarded.

Applicants pursuing the concurrent MEM/JD or MF/JD will need to submit an official LSAT score to the Duke School of Law and an official GRE score to the Nicholas School.

If you are in the EEP program, where Environmental Law is a core course, you will want to take this course for Law credits rather than for NS credits.

EEP concurrent students may want to take their 3 science courses in a variety of areas, rather than in just one, for broader preparation for environmental law.

Students in programs other than EEP should try to take all the required science courses for their MEM degrees during the year they spend in the NS, since it may be difficult to schedule these in conjunction with Law courses during the 3rd and 4th years.

Please review these FAQ pages for common application questions:

Master of Environmental Management and Master of Forestry

Juris Doctor