Mengdi Wang

Mengdi Wang

Career Interests

Domestic or international Internships on the energy-related field.
Employment Sought:


Master of Environmental Management, May 2019
Nicholas School of the Environment 
Duke University, Durham, NC 
Concentration: Energy and the Environment
Major Courses: Energy and the Environment, Modeling for Energy Systems, and Energy Economics and Policy 
Bachelor of Arts, July 2017 
Peking University, Beijing, China
Major: Economics GPA:3.76/4.0
Major Courses: Principle of Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econometrics 
Bachelor of Arts, June 2017
Renmin University of China, Beijing, China 
Major: Public Affairs Management
Cumulative GPA: 3.83/4.0 Major GPA:3.87/4.0 Rank:3/28
Major Courses: Environmental Management Science, Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Planning Methods and Cases

Professional Experience

Research Assistant, Center for New Structural Economics, Beijing, China
Collected data on infrastructure and natural resources of Nigeria, gaining data search and data sorting skills. Edited our handbook on Nigeria’s development, and was trained to be detail-oriented. Participated in the workshops and contributed my thoughts on the problems in our research. July 2016
Intern, Linkedin (Advertisement Execution), Beijing, China 
Assisted in scheduling, planning and executing advertising projects by collecting real-time data on the effects of the advertisements and providing vigorous data analysis reports to the clients. Feb 2017-May 2017
Intern, Schneider Electric (Corporate Affairs & Sustainable Development), Beijing, China 
Assisted BipBop technical training program by coordinating the cooperation between Schneider and technical schools in China to make the program go smoothly. Edited 3 textbooks Schneider prepared for the technical training school and was further trained to be detail-oriented. Sep 2016-Dec 2016

Additional Information

Volunteer, Nepal Volunteers Council Kathmandu, Nepal 
Taught 11 students of Deeya Shree English Boarding School English and advised them on how to learn more efficiently in general. Volunteered to be a coordinator in NVC and helped new volunteers to get used to life in Kathmandu and their work at Deeya Shree School. Aug 2016
Investigator, Rural Investigation Program Shandong, China 
Interviewed rural people in Shandong Province and investigated their living conditions. Learned about how a new coal mine had influenced their life through direct interactions. Aug 2014
National Scholarship
Awarded to the top 3% students out of a 90-student department, and only 0.2% of the undergraduates are qualified for the prize.
First Prize, The National College Students Competition of Urban Management
Ranked 3rd among about 100 groups. Dec 2016 Nov 2016 Second Prize, University Scholarship. Awarded to the top 10% of a 28-student cohort. Dec 2015 Merit Student. Awarded to 10% of a 30-student cohort. Dec 2014 First Prize, Jingdong Scholarship. Awarded to the first place out of a 30-student cohort. Dec 2014


energy efficiency
excel modeling

Graduation Date

May 2019

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Academic Institution
Business / Industry
Entrepreneur / Start-up
Non-profit / NGO
Research Institute / Think Tank