ENVIRON 790.20 Financial Foundaions for Environmentala Managers; Instructor Joe Bachman

ENV 790.20 Financial Foundations for Environmental Managers (Financial Foundations) is an introductory finance course designed to cover a broad range of finance topics with the goal of creating a requisite level of financial comprehension and facility amongst all students in the class.

Closely related to the field of Economics, Finance entails the study and practice of asset pricing, money flows and the financial markets.  From an applied perspective, it provides the means to understand pricing and the valuation of future cash flows, and in its many disciplines it comprises a critical underpinning of both professional and personal management.  Financial decision-making fields of practice such as accounting, budgeting, and investing are cornerstones of modern society and have tremendous environmental implications.  As such, students seeking careers in public, private or nonprofit sectors will all find a basic level of financial comprehension, vocabulary and skill to be highly relevant to their success.  Nicholas School graduates who can achieve a level of competence in these areas, and can bring the financial conversation to the table in their chosen fields will discover that they are more effective managers who are the best positioned for professional success.  In short, Finance, while perhaps not the primary focus of an environmental management career, should be considered a “force multiplier” when combined with other scientific and social science specific knowledge and a basic fundamental aspect of management. Read the complete syllabus here...