DURHAM, N.C. – Duke University’s Scholars in Marine Medicine program, which offers an interdisciplinary research experience for pre-health majors interested in marine biology or environmental science, has announced 10 new members.

Students who are selected for the program generally have experience working in a lab environment and a passion for the unique combination of marine science and medicine.

The program allows students to take part in faculty-mentored research and gain valuable scientific training as they work toward completing a senior honors thesis and receiving Graduation with Distinction honors. Many of the scholars will submit their honors thesis for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Students can also apply for up to $5,500 in funding for travel courses, conference expenses and research, or for registration for virtual conferences if travel isn’t possible due to COVID.

Scholars in Marine Medicine will spend at least one semester at the Duke University Marine Laboratory campus in Beaufort, N.C., and one or more semesters at the Medical Center campus in Durham.

The new scholars are:

  • Betty Alfaro, a sophomore majoring in Biology
  • Will Briley, a first-year who intends to major in Biology
  • Rita Glazer, a junior majoring in Computer Science
  • Alexander Hong, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Biology
  • Katherine Krieger, a sophomore majoring in Biology
  • Natalie Kubicki, a junior majoring in Biology
  • Vignesh Pirapaharan, a sophomore majoring in Biology and Global Health
  • Jasmine Santos, a sophomore majoring in Molecular Bioscience (Genetics & Genomics Track)
  • Clare Sparling, a sophomore majoring in Biology and Environmental Sciences
  • Joshua Wagner, a first-year majoring in Molecular Bioscience (Genetics & Genomics Track)