DURHAM, N.C. – Eight Duke University undergraduate students were named to the inaugural Climate Scholars Program cohort.

In accordance with the Duke Climate Commitment, the new program focuses on diverse perspectives of the climate crisis and aims to provide undergraduate students across all majors with a faculty-mentored research experience.

Climate Scholars have the opportunity to consider the complexity of global climate disruption through interdisciplinary study. Scholars will build their study on a foundation of climate science after taking two courses in the Earth and Climate Science (ECS) division, followed by faculty-mentored independent research.

Climate Scholars will be active participants in their faculty mentor’s lab group and will attend seminars, as well as social events in the climate community.

Climate Scholars receive up to $2,500 in research funding, up to $1,500 to participate in a professional scientific conference, and up to $1,500 to participate in a travel course or professional development.

During spring semester of their senior year, Scholars write up their research findings as a Graduation with Distinction honors thesis. Some students may submit their research for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The new Scholars are:

  • Sydney Bell – junior earth & climate sciences major (advised by Jim Hench)
  • Dylan Cawley – sophomore public policy, earth & climate sciences double major (advised by Drew Shindell)
  • Tiana Dinham – sophomore earth & climate sciences major (advised by Avner Vengosh)
  • Jules Kourelakos – junior computer science major (advised by Shineng Hu)
  • Chibuike Okafor – sophomore environmental sciences major (advised by Ryan Emanuel)
  • Kendra Rentz – junior environmental sciences major (advised by Drew Shindell)
  • Clarence Soh – first-year mechanical engineering, interdisciplinary engineering & applied sciences double major (advised by Tyler Felgenhauer)
  • Chloe Young – sophomore environmental sciences & policy major (advised by Brian McAdoo)