Catalina Lopez, a Marine Science and Conservation (MARSCI) major, recently shared insights into why she chose to major in MARSCI, what she has learned, her favorite experience and advice for students considering the major or Marine Science and Conservation coursework. 

Why did you choose to major in Marine science and conservation?

"I chose to major in Marine Science and Conservation because I’ve been fascinated with the ocean my whole life. This major, supported by the Marine Lab in Beaufort, seemed like the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in the field with an interdisciplinary range of marine scientists to help me learn."

What have you learned from the major and its courses?

"While engaging with this major, I’ve gotten a very holistic education of marine science. I’ve learned the basics like marine life physiology and the physics of ocean currents, how those systems interact to create functioning ecosystems, and how humans use and interact with those ocean ecosystems in economic, governance, and cultural contexts."

What's been your favorite experience as a Marine Science and Conservation major?

"My favorite experience as a MSC student has been living and learning at the Marine Lab. It’s been a terrific opportunity to study the ocean up close, travel on the R/V Shearwater, perform my own research, and live closely with other students who share my passion for marine science."

What advice would you give a student considering majoring in Marine Science and Conservation?

"To anyone considering the Marine Science and Conservation major, I would recommend talking to as many people in the major and the field as possible. Other undergraduate, master's and PhD students, researchers, and instructors are always happy to share their perspectives, experiences, and advice. They can help you figure out how your own interests and passions can be explored in the major and fit into the broader world of marine science."