Chloe Beittel, a Marine Science and Conservation (MARSCI) major, recently shared insights into why she chose to major in MARSCI, what she has learned, her favorite experience and advice for students considering the major or Marine Science and Conservation coursework. 

Why did you choose to major in Marine science and conservation?

"I chose to major in Marine Science and Conservation after spending the summer at the marine lab after freshman year. I loved being by the ocean and learning about how ocean ecosystems work as well as the many ways humans and the oceans interact and rely on each other."

What have you learned from the major and its courses?

"I’ve learned from the major and the courses how to think critically about the environment broadly on a national and global scale in my marine policy courses and in-depth about specific ocean ecosystems and species in classes like Marine Biology and Ecology and Marine Megafauna."

Chloe holding bucket in shallow water

What's been your favorite experience as a Marine Science and Conservation major?

"My favorite experiences as a Marine Science and Conservation student include spending a summer at the marine lab researching ocean processes with other students and faculty who also love the ocean as much as I do."

What advice would you give a student considering majoring in Marine Science and Conservation?

"My advice to someone considering Marine Science as a major is that it sounds very specific, but the oceans encompass so much of the earth physically, the economy, and socially that you can customize both your studies and your future career a lot more than it initially seems. And you get to do that all while learning about awesome ocean creatures like whales, sea turtles and more."