Rocky Mountains, near Jasper, Alberta, river, snow (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Mar 13, 2015
Nicholas School’s Mukesh Kumar Receives $570,000 NSF CAREER Grant

DURHAM, N.C. – Mukesh Kumar, assistant professor of hydrology and water resources at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the...

A landslide inside the Rio Blanco Reserve (Photo credit:  Natalia Ocampo-Penuela) Mar 09, 2015
Scientists Use Bird Conservation Model to Protect Colombia’s Watersheds from Landslides

By Kati Moore (MEM ’16), Nicholas School Communications Student Assistant

DURHAM, N.C. – In 2011, a landslide in the...

Mar 06, 2015
At Smithsonian talk, Lozier Overturns What We Know About Ocean Currents
The students left to right Ramsey Meigs and Aaron Berdanier flanked by Gov. McCrory and former Gov. Jim Hunt. Mar 05, 2015
New Drone Technology May Take Guesswork out of Estimating Forest Carbon

DURHAM, N.C. – Two Duke University graduate students are developing an innovative new technology to measure forest carbon.   ...

Mar 04, 2015
New Models Yield Clearer Picture of Emissions' True Costs

Note to editors: Drew Shindell is available for additional comment at (919) 681-8467 or drew.shindell@duke...

Paul Greenberg (Photo credit: Megan Morr, Duke Photography) Mar 03, 2015
Author Paul Greenberg Speaks About the Loss of Local Seafood

by Kati Moore (MEM ‘ 16)? Nicholas School Communications Student Assistant

DURHAM, N.C. – Last night, award-winning author...