dear nicholas faculty, staff, and students,

Thanks to the generous initiative of staff members in Beaufort and Durham, the School is launching a coordinated effort to provide resources and support to North Carolina communities devastated by flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The economic and environmental impacts of the flood have been and will continue to be immense. Many of the communities most heavily affected are at the low end of the income scale and are disadvantaged in other ways too. They are the communities least able to recover from such devastation.


Our effort will start with a 10-Day Giving Challenge on Monday, Nov. 7. The Giving Challenge will be followed by other activities over the next few months, including some “boots on the ground” opportunities. More details can be found below.


I encourage you to participate in any way you can, here or at home, in assisting our neighbors in need. I will keep you updated on the progress of this effort.


Thank you,





NSOE TEAM MATTHEW: 10-Day Giving Challenge

11/11 - Here is an update NSOE TEAM MATTHEW: 10-Day Giving Challenge.  We have done well for the first five working days…we need EVERYONE to pitch in. The Challenge will end on Friday, Nov. 18. (five more work days).


WORK Day Opportunity - THIS SATURDAY in Lumberton from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nancy Kelly is organizing a last-minute trip to Lumberton to on SATURDAY (TOMORROW). We will be labeling and organizing a “Free Store” for counselors and social workers to shop for children and families in need. Leaving Durham 8 a.m.(ish), working in Lumberton until around 4 p.m., arriving back in Durham 6ish. Nancy can take 3 more people in her vehicle. Want to drive yourself? We can caravan. Contact, 919 810-5262 to sign up or for more info.


ITEMS  WE NEED THE MOST (new or like new)

  • 76 Backpacks for middle and high schoolers
  • School supplies
  • And of course, cash and credit card donations
  • Donate online:, select the “Hurricane Matthew Relief” button and include “B&G Club” in the “write a note” box
  • Donate cash in person: Cash/Check donations will be collected by Debbie Gooch and Anne Davis in Durham and Patty Nolin in Beaufort
  • Donate to Duke’s Doing Good in the Neighborhood (10% will be donated directly to Governor McCrory’s Matthew Relief Fund), donate at


Also we are still collecting:

  • Craft supplies
  • Board games
  • Cleaning supplies

As of DAY 5 – We have collected in Durham and Beaufort:


·         74 backpacks

·         3 truckloads of children’s textbooks / workbooks

·         a washer and dryer

·         An electric Guitar

·         Notebooks

·         construction paper

·         crayons

·         story books

·         plastic totes


Update from DUML

Special thanks to DUML’s Staffers Rebecca Smith, Barbra Howard and Dominick Brugnolotti who  volunteered on Wednesday, working with United Way of Robeson County to set-up a “free store”.  The day started with an empty store, working with folks from BB&T, it was ¾ stocked by 5:00. 

  • Through conversations B&G Club of Coastal Carolina (Carteret and Craven County) we coordinated a project manager and free skilled labor for the B&G Club of Lumberton.  A board member of the B&G Club of Coastal Carolina is from Lumberton and a contractor.  Hearing of our outreach effort and the club’s need, he organized contractors who provided labor to the club.  They expect to complete repairs by the end of next week.  This is a huge savings to the club.
  • We hit the gold mine of children’s text books yesterday.  Janil Miller and Rachel Lo Piccolo are leading a Carteret County book drive.  The Beaufort Elementary School loaded us up with 3 truckloads of books.  We are continuing to work with local partners and anticipate collecting a large number of children’s story books to complete the B&G Club library.  I shared the “book” news with the B&G Director and he was thrilled. 
  • There may be an opportunity to help paint the B&G Club in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Save the Date!

NSOE TEAM MATTHEW: Blood Drive in Durham

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., EH Reading Room


11/7  - Original Challenge:


Nic Schoolers let us put our WORDS into ACTION and support our neighbors in need. 


Monday, November 7th will kick off our 10-Day Giving Challenge, benefiting Hurricane Matthew victims. 


Campaign GOAL - 100% participation from all Nicholas School faculty, staff and students


We want EVERYONE to do SOMETHING, big or small.  We will track our success at the NSOE Team Matthew collection sites (2nd Floor  of Environment Hall, Hug Commons in LSRC and Repass Commons at DUML).  Add a hash mark when you donate.  If you provided storm assistance prior to this campaign, add a mark, your actions count.


Organized campaign beneficiaries – Boys and Girls Club of Lumberton, United Way of Robeson County and/or American Red Cross.


(1)    GIVE CASH -

  •  Donate online:, select the “Hurricane Matthew Relief” button and include “B&G Club” in the “write a note” box.
  •  Donate cash in person: Cash donations will be collected by Debbie Gooch and Anne Davis in Durham and Patty Nolin in Beaufort and used to purchase needed goods.
  •  Donate to Duke’s Doing Good in the Neighborhood (10% will be donated directly to Governor McCrory’s Matthew Relief Fund), donate at

 (2)    GIVE TIME – Take a vacation day and donate your time to United Way of Robeson County.  Help the United Way set up a “free store” on Wed, 11/9.  The store will offer donated goods to storm victims (details below).   


(3)   GIVE GOODS – 

  • Backpacks (seeking 150 durable backpacks, new or like new, for middle school and high school students; backpacks help facilitate distribution of needed goods from school to home
  • Children’s books (new or gently used)
  • Children’s games (new or gently used)
  • Craft supplies (new or like new)
  • School supplies (new or like new)
  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, cleaning cloths, mops, brooms, sponges, etc.)
  • Gloves (work gloves and cleaning gloves)


*Drop goods sites 2nd Floor  of Environment Hall, Hug Commons in LSRC and Repass Commons at DUML

**If possible provide donated goods in a plastic storage container with a lid, the storage containers were requested and will be donated


(4)    GIVE BLOOD – Donate blood with the American Red Cross, Tuesday 11/29 from 2:30-7:00 Environment Hall, 2nd Floor, Reading Room, or make an appointment (details below).


Why Boys and Girls Club of Lumberton?


The Boys and Girls Club of Lumberton, NC served 245 children prior to the storm; 91% of the members are from single family homes and all receive a free school lunch.  The Boys and Girls Club of Lumberton is one of the few clubs in the United States that charges $1 for club membership.  Some members cannot pay, so they “earn” their membership.  The Boys and Girls Club provides a safe place to learn and grow, ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals, life-enhancing programs, character development experiences, hope and opportunity.


The 8,000 square foot facility in Lumberton lost ½ of its roof during Hurricane Matthew.  The storm took the entire library, the computer lab, the administration office, and the supplies used to support the children’s activities. 


The facility and the children are in need. 


Why United Way of Robeson County?


The United Way of Robeson County has been on the front lines since the storm, supporting shelters, food banks, collecting and distributing donated goods, providing monetary donation management, etc.  The United Way is helping the community move from the humanitarian effort into recovery and keeping a pulse on what the community needs.  A number of items from the “goods” list above were provided by the United Way of Robeson County Executive Director.


The United Way is looking for 20 volunteers to provide labor to set-up a “free store”.  The goal is for the store to be open and operational by Friday, November 11th.  The distribution points (school gyms, city building, etc.) for donated goods are closing as the community is trying to return to normal.  As places close, the donated goods are being stored in a storage unit.  A store front was donated, but the UW needs help transporting the goods from the storage unit, organizing the donated goods and stocking the shelves.  Take a day of vacation and join the effort on Wednesday, November 9th. This is a non-work event and since work expectations vary, you should discuss with your immediate supervisor and follow your normal process for requesting a vacation day.


Items to consider if you are interested (1) carpooling (2) if you have a truck or vehicle for transporting goods, drive it, (3) bring cleaning cloths and solution for wiping down shelves (4) bring your own snacks, lunch and water and (5) wear work clothes and comfortable shoes.


The group will meet at the United Way storage unit at 10AM.  The address is 751 S. Roberts Ave, Lumberton NC  28359. 


POC for the day, Rebecca Smith at 252.723.7692. 


Please RSVP by Monday, November 7th at


Why American Red Cross?


The impact of Hurricane Matthew will be felt for weeks to come in many of our communities. The American Red Cross will be there providing help and hope as people recover from the devastation. As a blood donor, your support is needed now to help replenish the blood supply after Hurricane Matthew forced the cancellation of more than 50 blood drives and over 1,800 donations. Since there were multiple counties’ that were completely shut down, I need your help! We could not collect any blood product in those communities for multiple weeks. It is our job to step up to the plate.


If you would like to schedule an appointment please go to


If you have questions or ideas, please communicate.  Reach out to a NSOE Team Matthew representatives:



Environment Hall - Nancy Kelly, Jeanne Ryan, Connie Tubiolo, Ann Thurston, Andy Minnis, Debbie Gooch

LSRC – Anne Davis, Melissa Adragna, Emily Blanchard, Julie Moushon, Danielle Wiggins, Laura Turcotte, Eve Marion

Old Chem – Beatriz Martin



Rebecca Smith, Rachel Lo Piccolo, Janil Miller and Vivienne Foroughirad


A special thanks to these folks!