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R/V Atlantis - courtesy of WHOI

In March and April of 2007, we will travel south from Manzanillo, Mexico to study a portion of the East Pacific Rise spreading center located at approximately 9°N. At this site, the ridge axis bifurcates and the two limbs of the axis overlap, hence the term for this feature: an “overlapping spreading center.” We intend to study the geologic, geochemical and geophysical characteristics of this OSC using the remotely operated vehicle Jason II, and the side-scan sonar system DSL-120A. Additional work will be conducted at 9°50’N along the EPR to study a recent eruption at this site. At the end of the month-long cruise, we will return to port in San Diego, CA.

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We are grateful to Captain Gary Chiljean and the crew of the R/V Atlantis and to the Jason II and DSL 120 groups for their tireless efforts to make this program a success. We also thank Stephanie Thirolle, our Web guru, for making this Web site possible.

Supporting Institutions:
National Science Foundation
Ridge 2000
Duke University
University of South Carolina
University of Florida
University of New HampshireWood Hole Oceanograpic Institution