Curtis Bernard provides thoughtful leadership of the technical programme at Conservation International Guyana. He provides a unique mix of skills and experience in spatial planning and stakeholder engagement and institutional leadership.

Curtis is involved in environmental management at technical, middle and senior management levels for more than two decades. He possesses extensive experience with practical application of spatial planning and Geographic Information Systems in conservation management planning and has worked extensively with issues related to Guyana’s ecosystems.

He has co-led analyses to identify Priority Areas for Biodiversity in Guyana; played key roles in processes leading to identification and revision of priority areas for conservation in the Guiana Shield; and participated significantly in the design and implementation of processes leading to the establishment of national protected areas in Guyana. Curtis has engaged on initiatives related to extractives and the environment in Guyana, Suriname and Liberia; and has extensive experience working with indigenous people. He is experienced with the conduct of impact assessments, application of the mitigation hierarchy, and design of biodiversity offsets. His experience includes participation in the assessment of potential impacts of the planned upgrade to the Georgetown to Lethem Road on biodiversity and ecosystem services, including carbon storage, and the design of mitigation measures