David Blaha

David Blaha

Partner, Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

MEM '81

Dave Blaha is a Principal Partner with ERM, a leading international sustainability consulting firm, where he helps lead the firm's Impact Assessment and Planning practice.  Most of his work is focused on evaluating the environmental and social risks of large, complex, and often controversial projects around the world on behalf of project sponsors, lenders (e.g., International Finance Corporation [IFC], Inter-American Development Bank[IDB]), or governments.  He specializes in projects where water resources are an important issue, such as proposed hydropower and mining projects.  

Recent projects have included the Nicaragua Canal Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Alto Maipo hydropower project in Chile for the IFC and IDB, Keystone XL Pipeline EIS for the U.S. Department of State, and NorthMet Mine EIS for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 

" My education at Duke (actually the predecessor of the Nicholas School) has given me a strong broad understanding of environmental issues and relationships and real credibility with my clients, colleagues, and governmental and financial sector managers."

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concentration: WAR