Terah Donovan

Terah Donovan

Principal Program Manager, Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency


Terah Donovan supports implementation of the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan. This regional program allows California's Silicon Valley to build out over the next 50 years, while fees fund conservation, management, and restoration across 500,000 acres to benefit 18 rare and endangered species. Terah leads the conservation program with tasks ranging from land acquisition for the 50,000-acre Reserve System, restoration, reserve management and monitoring, and grant writing.

Prior to joining the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency, Terah was a Conservation Biologist with ICF for 8 years specializing in regional conservation plan development and implementation for  energy, water, and local government clients, mainly in California. She also worked as a paralegal and served in Peace Corps Bolivia.

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Video by Sean Rowe, multimedia and web content specialist.

"I apply the skills I learned at the Nicholas School everyday. From evaluating potential conservation lands to working with local partners my science and communication skills are put to test. Plus, the network is phenomenal. I love running into fellow alumni at conferences and seeing their names next to cutting edge research."

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