Since graduating from the Nicholas School in 2008, Zach has been active in North American environmental credit markets, with a specific focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) markets and programs. He has expertise in the quantification, reporting and verification of GHG emission inventories and GHG emission reduction projects. Zach has over seven year’s experience with carbon offset projects including coal mine methane, landfills, livestock methane, oil/gas, fuel switching, transportation and ozone depleting substances.    

Four almost four years, Zach worked for a leading developer and marketer of environmental commodities in the U.S. Zach led GHG policy and regulatory analysis to support company trading activities and client relationships. In addition, he managed the company’s carbon offset project portfolio, overseeing the issuance of over 500,000 GHG emission reduction credits. In 2010, Zach received the Employee of the Year Award.

Zach currently serves as the Vice President of Greenhouse Gas Programs for Ruby Canyon Engineering, Inc. (RCE). RCE is a leading GHG verification company, providing 3rd party assurance services for carbon offset projects and companies reporting their GHG emissions. He oversees RCE’s work, and is an accredited Lead Verifier, for GHG programs across North America, including California’s cap-and-trade program, the Climate Action Reserve, the American Carbon Registry, The Climate Registry, and British Columbia’s Climate Investment Branch. Zach represents RCE on a variety of technical GHG working groups, including the International Emissions Trading Association.

Prior to attending the Nicholas School, Zach earned a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Technology from NC State University. He enjoys all the outdoor activities that living in Western Colorado provides – hiking, mountain biking, skiing and rafting.