Matt Grove

Matt Grove

Principle Geologist and Project Manager, Brown and Caldwell

PhD '00

Matt Grove has over 13 years of diverse experience as a geologist including remediation, hydrogeologic investigation, petroleum geology and geochemistry. Upon graduating from Duke in 2000, Matt took a job as an exploration geologist with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) in Houston, Texas.  In this role he generated regional- to prospect-scale subsurface maps by integrating well logs, paleontological reports, regional seismic data, and production information.  The integrated data was to identify prospective areas for future drilling, evaluate development opportunities in existing fields, and assess value of potential acreage acquisitions.  Project areas included East Texas, South Louisiana, and deep-water Gulf of Mexico.

In 2004, Matt left the oil-field and Houston to move back to Massachusetts where he joined the Boston office of Brown and Caldwell, an environmental engineering/consulting firm. Since joining Brown and Caldwell, Dr. Grove has provided project management and technical expertise on a variety of remediation, hydrogeologic and contaminated site investigations, and environmental monitoring projects.  As a project manager, he has supervised remediation activities at several brownfield sites, directed staff in site investigation activities, and provided field oversight of contractors on remediation, hydrogeological investigations, site characterization, and landfill capping projects.  Dr. Grove has experience working on a wide range of contaminated site projects, from preliminary response actions through site closure, and is a Licensed Site Professional (LSP).  Contaminants of concern on these projects include chlorinated solvents, metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), manufactured gas plant (MGP) residuals, and petroleum products (heating oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel).

"One of the things I valued most during my time at Duke was the opportunity to interact with technical experts in fields outside my own. Through my coursework, I was exposed to biologists, chemists, ecologists, engineers, planners and others who brought different backgrounds, interests, and expertise to the table. By getting to know and working with people outside my own discipline, I broadened my horizons and learned how to explain my work (and its relevance) to a broader audience. As an environmental consultant and project manager, I am collaborating with professionals in a variety of disciplines (geologists, remediation engineers, risk assessors) on a daily basis to address a myriad of issues on different sites. In addition, as the primary contact between Brown and Caldwell, my clients, the regulators, and the public I often have to explain very technical issues to what can be a decidedly non-technical audience."

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