Julio Guzman

Julio Guzman

Freelance Consultant, Sustainable Development Consulting

MEM '92

Since 1986 Dr. Julio Guzman has held the position of Sustainable Development and Environment Specialist for top international development and finance organizations’ related projects such as IADB, UNDP, FAO, USAID, GTZ, IICA and the World Bank. During the course of his career, Dr. Guzman has provided direction on rural and sustainable development, conservation, agriculture and forestry, climate change, tourism, corporate social responsibility, tender processes, marketing, capital raising, and environmental/natural resource economics. During the past five years, Dr. Guzman has held the position of project coordinator (team leader) and environmental expert for many projects related to agriculture/rural development and climate change. Specifically, for projects to promote agricultural exports with climate change considerations in Costa Rica, Haiti, Guyana, and Panamá.; a UNDP Project Financial and Investment Flows for the Adaptation of the Sectors Biodiversity and Hidric before Climate Change in Costa Rica; a KfW Evaluation/ Feasibility Study for the Program “Protection of Tropical Forest and Watershed Management in the Trifinio Region” in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, a MCC Rural Development Program, Forestry Operator Project CRM-N in Nicaragua.

Other projects include the GM Agri-Environmental Regional Strategy (ARS) for Central America, GIZ Base Study “Energetic Use of Organic Residues in the Region of Guápiles, Costa Rica”, IDB Sustainable Development Programs in Costa Rica and Panamá; the WB Study of Existent Voluntary Markets (for climate change mitigation and adaptation) and Budget for their Development and Evaluation of the Project Carbon Capture and Development of Environmental Markets in Indigenous Agroforestry Systems with Cacao in Central America; GEF-UNDP Consolidation of System of Protected Areas of Costa Rica, IDB National environmental strategy in Costa Rica; FAO Forestry mitigation potential for climate change in Central America; and IDB Incorporation of the Environmental Variable in National Planning in Ecuador, among others.

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