Katie spent the first chapter of her post-Duke Forestry School life working in Nepal.  She was engaged with Community Forestry Projects, Conservation Area Design and Management and Forest Diversity studies.  She worked for World Wildlife Fund, IUCN and as advisor to the Government of Nepal Forestry Department.

Due to an escalating Maoist insurgency, Katie returned to the US from Nepal in 2001.  Since that time she has been working for the US Forest Service in Fire Management.  She has been a helirappeler (rappelling out of helicopters to fight fire), a Fire Use Module leader, a Prescribed Fire / Fire Use / Fuels Specialist at various levels of the organization, and is currently a Fire Analyst in Bend, Oregon.  She also currently completed a  detail as the Fire Staff Officer for the Stanislaus National Forest on the western slope of the Central Sierra Nevada.

Katie's most significant contribution to any organization is speaking truth to power.

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