Christy Ihlo

Christy Ihlo

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, African People & Wildlife


Christy currently lives in rural Tanzania where she works for African People and Wildlife. As the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Christy is responsible for developing the M&E department. She designs monitoring systems and reporting protocols for all of APW’s programs and oversees all data analysis. The breadth of APW’s programs ensures she uses a wide variety of tools to collect, manage, and analyze data. Although she spends much of her time at a desk, she manages to occasionally get out for wildlife sightings (including lions!) or to interact with the local Maasai community.

Christy initially joined the APW team in 2012 as a summer intern while attending the Nicholas School. After graduation, she worked as a Policy Associate for the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions before rejoining the APW team in late 2015. 

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“During my time at the Nicholas School, I developed professional (and personal) relationships that have proved invaluable. As my career unfolds, I look forward to seeing how my path will cross with my colleagues from Duke as we work together towards a sustainable future for both people and nature.”