Dr. Lucas Joppa serves as Microsoft’s first Chief Environmental Officer, where he manages the company’s overall environmental sustainability efforts – from ensuring core operational excellence and policy advances to deploying advanced technology solutions to environmental challenges. Dr. Joppa’s career blends together environmental science research with technology innovation, people and project management, strategy formulation and implementation, and marketing and communications. He is motivated by the urgent need to transform the way society monitors, models, and ultimately manages Earth’s natural resources. Listed as one of Microsoft’s AI Thought Leaders, Dr. Joppa also founded and leads Microsoft’s 5-year $50m AI for Earth program, a cross-company effort dedicated to delivering scalable AI technologies in the four key areas of climate change, agriculture, water, and biodiversity conservation.

Prior to serving in his current role, Lucas was the Chief Environmental Scientist for Microsoft and led research programs at the intersection of environmental and computer sciences in Microsoft Research, Microsoft’s blue-sky research division. Lucas remains an active scientist, frequently publishing in leading academic journals such as Science and Nature while also serving as a spokesperson for Microsoft on issues related to AI, environmental science, and sustainability in popular TV, print, and digital media outlets. Lucas also serves on numerous institutional boards and committees, advising a broad array of public and private organizations on environmental issues. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Lucas has a BS in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Ecology from Duke University.

Recently Lucas was profiled about his career and work for Microsoft in Nature.  You can read the interview here.

Keep up with Lucas on Twitter at @lucasjoppa.