Karina Lassner

Karina Lassner

Director, Acesa Bioenergia

MEM '11

After graduating from Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment in May 2011, Karina moved to Rio de Janeiro and joined Acesa Bioenergia, a biogas-to-energy start-up that focuses on the treatment of biogas to generate heat, electricity or biomethane.  As a project developer, her role includes negotiating biogas purchasing contracts, design of biogas treatment systems and analysis of electricity PPAs and natural gas contracts to decide on the best commercialization strategy.

Karina is an active member of the Brazilian Biogas and Biomethane Association where she has worked on public policy related to biogas, including collaborating on the technical specification of biomethane for the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels as well as on the development of the Brazilian Biogas and Biomethane Plan.

" The two years I spent at the Nicholas School were truly incredible. Not only did I learn through exciting courses and highly talented professors and students, but also made amazing life-long friendships. I have definitely used the many skills gained while pursuing my MEM, including analyzing the energy market from the environmental, economic and social perspectives. In all, the Nic School provided the basis I needed to work in the promotion of energy efficiency while transforming waste into assets. "