Courtney Lorenz

Courtney Lorenz

Sustainability Manager, XL Construction

MEM '06

As the Sustainability Manager, Courtney is involved early in high performing project goal setting. From project award through construction, she aims to achieve the best balance of economic, environmental and social variables for projects during design, construction, and occupancy phases.  Courtney has experience across multiple green building systems, and works internally and externally to educate and move towards a more sustainable future.

Courtney also has extensive experience in corporate sustainability, helping to build programs focused on baseline environmental impacts, as well as setting meaningful reduction targets.  She has served as a lead trainer across Europe and the United States for green building programs, helping to bring a consistent language to sustainability across multiple business units.

Courtney enjoys being an environmental professional in a field where there are few.  She has received several awards, including Sustainability Champion and Green Pioneer within the Triangle, as well as the Rising Star alumni award from the Nicholas School.  She has served on the Nicholas School alumni Council for 8 years, and as its President for the 2015-2017 term.  She also serves on the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) as the Nicholas School representative, and on DAA's Executive Board.

"At the Nicholas School I found my tribe, those who were like minded but still challenging, people who I hope to keep as friends and colleagues. Unlike many careers, "environmental" means different things to different people, but what we all share is a passion that drives our professional careers, and I believe, not only keeps us engaged but keeps us highly relevant."