Roxanne Nanninga

Roxanne Nanninga

Director of Sustainability, Chicken of the Sea


Roxanne Nanninga specializes in developing sustainability strategy for seafood. She has worked in multiple sectors, from startup to environmental non-profit to international corporations, to address the complex challenges facing global fisheries and ocean conservation. Roxanne received her Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment, specializing in issues of development and trade in seafood supply chains.

During her time at Duke she founded TRUfish after learning of the widespread damage caused by seafood fraud to consumers, businesses, and the environment. She actively ran the business for three years.  Later, Roxanne joined the Environmental Defense Fund to leverage the power of markets and industry to support strong fisheries management.

In her current role as Sustainability Director for Chicken of the Sea, one of the world's largest seafood companies, she implements strategy throughout the company's large operations in all areas of sustainability - environmental, social, and economic.

The Nicholas School prepared me to solve problems in the complex and ever-changing environmental profession. The diversity and rigor of the coursework, as well as the mentorship I received from professors both at the Nicholas School and the broader Duke community, have been immensely valuable .

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concentration: REP