As Chief of Program Development for EPA's Clean Air Markets Division, Jeb manages an interdisciplinary team to develop cost-effective, workable, market-based policy supported by rigorous analysis to reduce greenhouse gases and improve air quality. He and his colleagues have designed and informed regional and national power sector emission reduction programs such as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), the Mercury and Air Toxics Rule (MATS), and the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Among other program development activities, his team develops EPA's power sector projections analytic toolkit including the Integrated Planning Model (IPM), a linear programming model that forecasts least-cost capacity expansion, electricity dispatch, and emission control strategies for meeting energy demand and environmental, transmission, and reliability constraints across dozens of regions in the United States.  

Outside of work, he volunteers as an events curator for Greater Greater Washington, an online urbanism community advocating for "places with sidewalks, bike lanes, and frequent transit; with grocery stores, parks, and plenty of housing choices at attainable prices; that is accessible and welcoming to people of all income levels and backgrounds."  He also sings for equality with the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, where he met his husband (who serves as Science and Operations Officer for the National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center).  

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