Nicolas Cassar

Nicolas Cassar

Associate Professor of Biogeochemistry

Primary Appointment

Earth & Ocean Sciences Division

Nicolas Cassar's research focuses on environmental biogeochemistry and physiology, with the objective of constraining the mechanisms governing carbon cycling and climate. Current research interests include ocean carbon cycles and productivity; carbon acquisition mechanisms in marine phytoplankton and implications for climate change and paleo-CO2 reconstruction; and global carbon cycle and ocean-atmosphere fluxes. His scientific approach is interdisciplinary, integrating field observations, laboratory experiments, modeling and theory.

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Eveleth, R, Cassar, N, Doney, SC, Munro, DR, and Sweeney, C. "Biological and physical controls on O 2 /Ar, Ar and p CO 2 variability at the Western Antarctic Peninsula and in the Drake Passage." Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 139 (May 2017): 77-88.
Eveleth, R, Cassar, N, Sherrell, RM, Ducklow, H, Meredith, MP, Venables, HJ, Lin, Y, and Li, Z. "Ice melt influence on summertime net community production along the Western Antarctic Peninsula." Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 139 (May 2017): 89-102.
Erickson, ZK, Thompson, AF, Cassar, N, Sprintall, J, and Mazloff, MR. "An advective mechanism for deep chlorophyll maxima formation in southern Drake Passage." Geophysical Research Letters 43, no. 20 (October 28, 2016): 10,846-10,855.
Li, Z, Cassar, N, Huang, K, Ducklow, H, and Schofield, O. "Interannual variability in net community production at the Western Antarctic Peninsula region (1997-2014)." Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 121, no. 7 (July 2016): 4748-4762.
Bender, ML, Tilbrook, B, Cassar, N, Jonsson, B, Poisson, A, and Trull, TW. "Ocean productivity south of Australia during spring and summer." Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 112 (June 2016): 68-78.


EOS 364S: Changing Oceans (EOS 364S: Changing Oceans)
EOS 394: Research Independent Study (EOS 394: Research Independent Study)
EOS 791: Independent Study (EOS 791: Independent Study)
EOS 525: Fundamentals of Water Biogeochemistry and Pollution (EOS 525: Fundamentals of Water Biogeochemistry and Pollution)
EOS 393: Research Independent Study (EOS 393: Research Independent Study)

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Contact Information

Box 90227
Durham, NC 27708
Environment Hall, 9 Circuit Drive (eh5118), Nicholas School of the Environment
Durham, NC 27708


Ph.D., University of Hawaii at Manoa (2003)
B.S., McGill University (Canada) (1997)