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PhD and postdoctoral positions available (contact us)

Weiyi Tang awarded fellowship in ocean engineering and instrumentation from the Link Foundation. Congrats Weiyi!

Cassar awarded NSF CAREER (2014)

Correcting O2/Ar NCP with N2O (Cassar et al. 2014)

Fall course on water resources and pollution at Duke Kunshan University in China

Multiple approach estimates of NCP in the central Arctic Ocean (Ulfsbo et al. 2014)

Summer Course on Sea Level Rise (Venice, Italy). See also Duke Global.

Influence of sea-ice cover on air-sea gas exchange (Rutgers v.d. Loeff et al. 2014)

Physical and biological controls on O2 saturation in Arctic (Eveleth et al. 2014) and Antarctic waters (Shadwick et al. 2014)

Neural-network map of NCP in the Southern Ocean (Chang et al. 2014)

New method for underway DIC measurements (Huang et al., L&O Methods)

Carbon export during artificial iron fertilization experiment LOHAFEX (Martin et al., GBC)

Zuchuan Li awarded NASA Fellowship. Way to go Zuchuan!

Rachel Eveleth awarded NSF Fellowship. Congrats Rachel!

Cassar awarded Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship (2012-2014)

ARACAS: New method for N2 fixation measurements in terrestrial environments (Cassar et al., Oecologia)

Report of a formerly unknown moss-diazotrophic cyanobacteria association in a widespread moss species (Jean et al., ES&T)

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Laboratory Research Objectives

Our research focuses on environmental biogeochemistry and physiology, with the objective of constraining the mechanisms governing carbon cycling and climate.  Current research interests include:

  1. Ocean carbon cycling and productivity

  2. Carbon acquisition mechanisms in marine phytoplankton and implications for climate change and paleo-CO2 reconstruction

  3. Global carbon cycle and ocean-atmosphere fluxes

Our scientific approach is interdisciplinary, integrating field observations, laboratory experiments, method development, modeling and theory. For more details see some of our current projects and publications. Prospective students and postdoctoral fellows, contact us for available positions.



Cassar Lab, Old Chemistry Bldg., EOS Division
Nicholas School of the Environment
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