MSC Division Faculty

Core Faculty

Associate Professor of Sustainability Science
(252) 504-7540
Professor of Marine Affairs and Policy
(252) 504-7628
Assistant Professor of Microbial Ecology
(252) 504-7542
Arthur P. Kaupe Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology in Marine Science
(252) 504-7543
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Marine Conservation Ecology
(252) 504-7593
Associate Professor of Marine Policy
(252) 504-7683
Randolph K. Repass and Sally-Christine Rodgers University Associate Professor of Conservation Technology in the Nicholas School of the Environment and the Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School of Engineering
(252) 504-7566
Stephen A. Toth Professor of Marine Biology
(252) 504-7590
Professor, Marine Science and Conservation
(252) 504-7634
Assistant Professor of the Practice and Director, Marine Conservation Molecular Facility
(619) 823-1514
Rachel Carson Associate Professor of Marine Conservation Biology
(252) 504-7635
Harvey W. Smith Professor of Biological Oceanography
(252) 504-7655

Secondary Faculty

George M. Woodwell Distinguished Professor of Environmental Economics
(919) 613-8028

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Professor and Senior Scholar, Ocean and Coastal Policy Program, Nicholas Institute
Adjunct Associate Professor and Chief Scientist, The Oceanic Society

Emeritus Faculty

Harvey W. Smith Professor Emeritus of Biological Oceanography in the Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences
(252) 504-7578
Professor Emeritus of Marine Science and Conservation
(252) 504-7613
Professor of the Practice Emeritus of Marine Ecology
(252) 504-7577
Professor of the Practice Emeritus of Marine Policy
(252) 504-7606