Megan Mullin

Megan Mullin

Associate Professor of Environmental Politics

Megan Mullin is a scholar of American political institutions and behavior, focusing on environmental politics. She has secondary appointments in the Department of Political Science and the Sanford School of Public Policy and currently serves as Director of Graduate Studies for the University Program in Environmental Policy (UPEP). Her work has appeared in Nature, American Journal of Political Science, and Journal of Politics, among other journals, and she is author of Governing the Tap: Special District Governance and the New Local Politics of Water (MIT Press, 2009).

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Mullin, M., M. D. Smith, and D. E. McNamara. “Paying to save the beach: effects of local finance decisions on coastal management.” Climatic Change 152, no. 2 (January 30, 2019): 275–89.
Mullin, M., and D. M. Daley. “Multilevel Instruments for Infrastructure Investment: Evaluating State Revolving Funds for Water.” Policy Studies Journal 46, no. 3 (August 1, 2018): 629–50.
Mullin, M., and M. E. Rubado. “Local Response to Water Crisis: Explaining Variation in Usage Restrictions During a Texas Drought.” Urban Affairs Review 53, no. 4 (July 1, 2017): 752–74.
Egan, P. J., and M. Mullin. “Climate Change: US Public Opinion.” Annual Review of Political Science 20 (May 11, 2017): 209–27.
Egan, P. J., and M. Mullin. “Recent improvement and projected worsening of weather in the United States..” Nature 532 (January 2016): 357–60.

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ENVIRON 577: Environmental Politics (ENVIRON 577: Environmental Politics)
ICS 577: Environmental Politics (ICS 577: Environmental Politics)
ENVIRON 738: US Water Governance (ENVIRON 738: US Water Governance)
ENVIRON 684: Politics of the Urbanized Environment (ENVIRON 684: Politics of the Urbanized Environment)

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Advisor: UPEP Doctoral Program

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Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley (2005)