John R. Poulsen

John R. Poulsen

Assistant Professor of Tropical Ecology

ESC Program Co-chair

John Poulsen is an ecologist with broad interests in the maintenance and regeneration of tropical forests and conservation of biodiversity. His research has focused on the effects of anthropogenic disturbance, such as logging and hunting, on forest structure and diversity, abundance of tropical animals, and ecological processes. He has conducted most of his research in Central Africa, where he has also worked as a conservation manager, directing projects to sustainably manage natural resources in and around parks and reserves, and as the coordinator of government programs to develop low emissions strategies and quantify and monitor forest carbon.

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Beirne, C, Meier, AC, Mbele, AE, Menie Menie, G, Froese, G, Okouyi, J, and Poulsen, JR. "Participatory monitoring reveals village-centered gradients of mammalian defaunation in central Africa(Accepted)." Biological Conservation 233 (May 1, 2019): 228-238.
Wade, AM, Richter, DD, Medjibe, VP, Bacon, AR, Heine, PR, White, LJT, and Poulsen, JR. "Estimates and determinants of stocks of deep soil carbon in Gabon, Central Africa(Accepted)." Geoderma 341 (May 1, 2019): 236-248.
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Ngama, S, Bindelle, J, Poulsen, JR, Hornick, J-L, Linden, A, Korte, L, Doucet, J-L, and Vermeulen, C. "Do topography and fruit presence influence occurrence and intensity of crop-raiding by forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis)?." Plos One 14, no. 3 (January 2019): e0213971-null.

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ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects (ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects)
BIOLOGY 561: Tropical Ecology (BIOLOGY 561: Tropical Ecology)
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Ph.D., University of Florida (2009)