Jennifer J. Swenson

Jennifer J. Swenson

Associate Professor of the Practice of Geospatial Analysis

In The News


Panlasigui, S, Rico-Straffon, J, Pfaff, A, Swenson, J, and Loucks, C. "Impacts of certification, uncertified concessions, and protected areas on forest loss in Cameroon, 2000 to 2013." Biological Conservation 227 (November 1, 2018): 160-166.
Schwantes, AM, Parolari, AJ, Swenson, JJ, Johnson, DM, Domec, J-C, Jackson, RB, Pelak, N, and Porporato, A. "Accounting for landscape heterogeneity improves spatial predictions of tree vulnerability to drought." The New Phytologist 220, no. 1 (October 2018): 132-146.
Schaffer-Smith, D, Swenson, JJ, Reiter, ME, and Isola, JE. "Quantifying shorebird habitat in managed wetlands by modeling shallow water depth dynamics." Ecological Applications : a Publication of the Ecological Society of America 28, no. 6 (September 2018): 1534-1545.
Gray, PC, Ridge, JT, Poulin, SK, Seymour, AC, Schwantes, AM, Swenson, JJ, and Johnston, DW. "Integrating drone imagery into high resolution satellite remote sensing assessments of estuarine environments." Remote Sensing 10, no. 8 (August 1, 2018).
Seyednasrollah, B, Jennifer J. Swenson, , Jean-Christophe Domec, , and James S. Clark, . "Leaf phenology paradox: Why warming matters most where it is already warm." Remote Sensing of Environment. 209 (May 2018): 446-455.

Recent Grants


ENVIRON 707: Geospatial Analysis for the Human Environmental Condition (ENVIRON 707: Geospatial Analysis for the Human Environmental Condition)
ENVIRON 857L: Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis (ENVIRON 857L: Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis)
ENVIRON 720S: Land Conservation in Practice (ENVIRON 720S: Land Conservation in Practice)
ENVIRON 761: Geospatial Analysis for Conservation Management (ENVIRON 761: Geospatial Analysis for Conservation Management)

Contact Information

Box 90328, Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0328
A319 LSRC, Duke University
Durham, NC 27708


Ph.D., Oregon State University (2003)
M.A., San Diego State University (1995)
B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara (1990)