Alexander C. Seymour

Alexander C. Seymour

Researcher and GIS Analyst, Marine Robotics and Remote Sensing Lab

Alexander (Alex) Seymour is a researcher and GIS analyst at the Duke Marine Robotics and Remote Sensing Lab (MARRS). Alex hold a Masters degree in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University, and specializes in spatial analysis and remote sensing for the benefit of conservation and research. His work at MARRS focuses on applying traditional remote sensing analysis to data from UAS (unmanned aerial systems), and developing new techniques to maximize the advantages lent by UAS. Alex also acts as a consultant for other MARRS personnel, and designs field collection strategies to meet the accuracy and data quality goals for projects and lab clients. As an FAA-licensed remote pilot, Alex runs monitoring and survey missions while GIS models are running in the background. His publication interests include advancing and expanding UAS methodological application, and has published in several conservation journals.

Marine Robotics and Remosting Sensing Lab

Selected Publications:

Seymour, A.C.; Dale, J.; Hammill, M; Halpin, P.N. and Johnston, D.W. Automated detection and enumeration of marine wildlife using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and thermal imagery. Scientific Reports. 7, 45127; doi: 10.1038/srep45127 (published March 2017). Link:


Seymour, A.C.; Ridge, J.T.; Rodriguez, A.B.; Newton, E.; Dale, J.; and Johnston, D.W. Deploying fixed wing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for coastal morphology assessment and management. Journal of Coastal Research (in press).


Allen, A.*; Seymour, A.C.* and Rittschof, D. Chemoreception drives plastic consumption in a hard coral. Marine Pollution Bulletin. doi 10.1016/jmarpolbul.2017.07.030 (published October 2017). Link:,ashmK00. *These authors Co-Led the study and contributed equally to this work.


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