Duke Conservation Society (DCS)



The Duke Conservation Society is a student group focusing on contemporary conservation issues and solutions. We cover a variety of fields and explore multiple forms of conservation including wildlife, land trusts, market-based, community-based, and policy-based among others. Our vision is to provide a resource for students and future conservationists in finding solutions to our natural world’s most pressing problems.


  1. Enhance students’ understanding of the various scientific, political, economic and managerial tools available to address conservation issues
  2. Facilitate collaborations between undergraduates, MEM & PhD students of the Nicholas school on conservation related projects and analysis
  3. Provide opportunities for professional development in terms networking with professionals, seminars and talks from guest speakers and career resources and advice.



2019-2020 Student Leaders

President: Courtney McCorstin
Treasurer: Steven Yang
Secretary: Mingfei Xiong
Event Coordinators: Madison Cole, Lea Selby
International Representative: Vicky Jia
PhD Representative: Anna Nordseth

Contact Info


Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty Advisor: Stuart Pimm