Duke Graduate Climate Coalition


Duke Graduate Climate Coalition (DGCC) is the graduate student branch of Duke Climate Coalition (DCC). The mission of DGCC is to expand the reach of climate, energy, and environmental advocacy to the sizable graduate student population of Duke University, spreading awareness about environmental issues and mobilizing Duke Graduate students to support climate progress at Duke, in the Durham community, and at the national scale. Members of DGCC lend their expertise and experience to DGCC’s campaigns, which are centered around informed, policy-based advocacy and dialogue as well as grassroots activism. DGCC members also serve as mentors to undergraduate members of Duke Climate Coalition, developing their leadership and policy skills. Overall, DGCC seeks to energize the Duke graduate student community on climate, energy, and environmental issues, directly engaging graduate and professional students in dialogue and activism across all of Duke’s subsidiary schools.



2018-2019 Officers:

President - Seaver Wang
Vice-President - Seokmin Kim
Treasurer - Emily Millar

Contact info:

Seaver Wang,  seaver.wang@duke.edu

Facult/Staff advisor:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Prasad Kasibhatla