Duke Chapter of American Fisheries (DUKEFISH)

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DukeFish is the graduate student chapter of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) at Duke University. AFS is an international organization whose mission is promote and improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems. It is the oldest and largest fisheries professional society, established in 1870.

Our mission as an affiliate of AFS is to promote sustainable fisheries and consumer practices by reaching out to our peers, community members, and local industries through education, outreach, and community participation. Our group brings together undergraduate, graduate, and professional students that are interested in sustainable seafood and fisheries and educating our local communities about fishing practices and marine ecosystems. Through a lecture series and participation in the North Carolina Seafood Festival, Earth Day, and Ocean Awareness Week events, we seek to foster discussion and a deeper understanding of emerging challenges in fisheries management and policy.

One of DukeFish’s proudest and most successful contributions to sustainable seafood in the Duke and Durham area was with the creation of Walking Fish in 2009. Walking Fish is a community-supported fisheries initiative that provides members in Raleigh, Durham, and Beaufort with regular deliveries of fresh North Carolina seafood. These members include a significant amount of Nicholas School staff, faculty, and students. In an effort to promote locally sourced seafood consumption in the Triangle and beyond, DukeFish continues to support, promote, and volunteer with Walking Fish.




2019-2020 Student Leaders


  • President: Sara Naghavi
  • Vice President: Keith Bollt
  • Secretary: Waverly Reibel
  • Treasurer: Cat Morse
  • AFS Liaison: Juan Diego Llano

Contact Info

e-mail: dukefish.afs@gmail.com

Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty Advisor: Xavier Basurto
Staff Advisor: Sarah Phillips