FOREM is the official unofficial social organization of the Nicholas School. It is a social professional organization for all Nicholas School graduate students, faculty and staff. Our purpose is to foster an environment in which students can balance their academic and social lives.


2016-2017 Student Leaders or Officers

Co-Presidents: Geoff Cooper and Tim Hipp
Vice-President: Shaina Nanavati
Treasurer: Emily Mills
Secretary: Peter Satin
Social Chair: Devon Bonney
Social Chair: Conor Makepeace
Beaufort Representative: Caitlin Starks
IM/Sports Coordinator: David Chen
PhD Representative: Justin Kirkpatrick,
International Students Representative: Congjie Nancy Shi


2017-2018 Student Leaders or Officers

Co-Presidents: Sean Ireland and Adrian McInnis
Vice-President: Katie DiPrete
Treasurer: Shane O'Neal
Secretary: Bobbi Lesser
Social Chair: Emily True
Beaufort Rep: Chrissy Hayes
International Rep: Isshu Kikuma



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