Green Roof and Orchard Workforce (GROW)

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GROW is an inclusive, member-driven organization within NSOE. The purposes of our group are to:

  1. Promote awareness and understanding of the functions and benefits of building-integrated green space.
  2. Facilitate the proper and productive use of the Nicholas School’s green roof and orchard for communal enjoyment and benefit.
  3. Support the Nicholas School’s spirit of community outreach and education.
  4. Promote community development and build social capital through shared stewardship and events. 

We have a clearly visible impact on the physical environment Nicholas School by helping to manage communal green-spaces. Our events also foster community within NSOE by offering students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to socialize and engage with individuals that they might otherwise connect with. While we are primarily a social organization, most of the participants in our activities come away with some new knowledge or experience about gardening and/or collective action. We believe that engaging in the maintenance of our building-integrated green spaces provides a dual benefit to participants' personal and professional development.


2017-2018 Student Leaders

Co-Presidents: Allison Carmody, Avery Indermaur
Treasurer: Piyush Gambhir
Events Coordinator: Michael Fuerte
Communications Officer: Heather DePouw

Contact Info

Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty Advisor: Nicolette Cagle
Staff Advisor: Nancy Kelly