Nicholas PhD Advocacy Council


The Nicholas PhD Advocacy Council (NPAC) is a group composed of peer-elected students from the Nicholas School-affiliated PhD programs (ENV, UPE, UPEP, MSC, TOX, EOS) which aims to represent and support the academic and professional interests of all Nicholas School-affiliated PhD students, while fostering a sense of community within the Nicholas School. NPAC aims to: 1) Strengthen professional and social relationships among students in Nicholas School-affiliated PhD programs (e.g. through professional development activities such as the Graduate Afternoon Seminar). 2) Advocate for the academic and professional interests of Nicholas School-affiliated PhD students. 4) Provide support to program administrators for PhD student needs (e.g. Nicholas School PhD student orientation). 3) Provide representation for Nicholas School-affiliated PhD students to other administrative and advocacy groups (e.g. Nicholas School faculty meetings, Duke Graduate and Professional Student Council).


2017-2018 Student Leaders

Co-Presidents: Edgar Virguez Rodriguez, Kirsten Overdahl
ESP Student-Faculty Representative: Jackie Gerson
GAS Coordinators: Alice Carter & Assaad Mrad
EOS Program Chair: Muye Ru
MSC Program Chair: Hillary Smith and Guillermo Ortuño Crespo
TOX Program Chair: Kirsten Overdahl
UPE Program Co-Chairs: Becky Dalton & Jillian Wisse
UPEP Program Chair: Stephanie Stefanski
TOX GPSC Representative: Risa Gearhart-Sern
UPE GPSC Representative: Ryan Huang
UPEP GPSC Co-Representatives: Bobby Harris & Stephanie Stefanski

Contact Info

Kirsten Overdahl
Edgar Virguez Rodriguez

Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty Advisor: Dean Urban
Staff Advisor: Danielle Wiggins